East Stratton has always appealed to visitors especially walkers and cyclists. When parking up in the village, please be mindful that large farm vehicles pass through the village regularly and need access at all times. In the past there have been issues with vehicles getting damage and/or blocking the road due to parked cars.

Please do not prevent emergency vehicles accessing the village.

Many of the cottages in the village have traditional thatched roofs. As much as they contribute to the incredible beauty of East Stratton they also carry the risk of fire. When a thatch roof catches fire it often spreads fast with devastating results for the homeowner. This does mean that the response for the fire department is especially critical. Please ensure that when you park in the village you do so respectfully and in a way that does not block access for emergency vehicles but specifically large fire engines.

Off road parking is available at theĀ Northbrook Arms pub to the back of the site. Please note that the area in front of the pub (roadside) by the beer garden / village green is not an official parking area.

If you are organising a specific event and require parking for groups of people, then the Village Hall can also be used for off-road by pre-booking only. Please contact the village hall for details and availability, please be aware that small charges may apply.