The Grange (based in nearby Northington) and its park have a colourful history stretching back several hundred years – encompassing a royal tenant, a succession of banking families, requisition during the 2nd World War, and earlier this century the addition of a 570 seat theatre used for an annual opera festival.


Whether you’re attending an event or just visiting to explore the grounds, you’re likely to be approaching by car. And, as you come over the brow of the hill and see this splendid house, perched above a glittering lake with sweeping green lawns and mature trees all around it, you cannot help but be in awe.

Then, as you get closer, you notice that the soaring portico leads into a shabby-chic interior, where striking architecture is tempered by crumbling textures and everything isn’t quite what it first seemed. You’re intrigued. And you’re probably already thinking about all the wonderful things you could do with this place.

Today, The Grange hosts a wide range of activities from their Opera festival, weddings and special events, day visitors and even film productions. This stunning site really is a must see!

For more information about The Grange, please visit their website, call 01962 779668 or email [email protected].